Cultivating Community – Stronger Together: ThanksGVIN Service 11/23

  Welcome to THANKSGVIN Service, 7 pm, November 23!!   Cultivating Community – Stronger Together Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) invites the community to participate in the annual ThanksGVIN interfaith celebration. The virtual service will begin at 7pm on Tuesday, November 23 via Zoom.  Following a longstanding tradition, GVIN has selected Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County as the recipient of the donations collected during the service period.   Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) is a community of historical churches and congregations, faith-agencies, spiritual communities, and other established religious traditions in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado. View the ThanksGVIN virtual service order of service here: Join us live via Zoom using the following link

Bahá’í Temples around the world

Please enjoy this short video, which was compiled by Kareem Ruhi. Below is some additional info that he shared about the video. [Disclaimer: I do not own any of the footage used in this video.] The showcased temples are as follows: ===== Continental Houses of Worship ===== 1. Wilmette, Illinois, U.S (completed in 1953) 2. Kampala, Uganda (dedicated on January 13, 1961) 3. Sydney (Ingleside), New South Wales, Australia (dedicated on September 17, 1961) 4. Hofheim-Langenhain, Germany (dedicated on July 4, 1964) 5. Panama City, Panama (dedicated April 29–30, 1972) 6. Tiapapata, Samoa (dedicated on September 1, 1984) 7. Delhi, India (dedicated on December 1986) 8. Santiago, Chile (dedicated on October 19, 2016) ===== Local and National Houses of Worship ===== 9. Battambang, Cambodia (dedicated on September 1–2, 2017) 10. Agua Azul, Colombia (dedicated on July 22, 2018) 11. Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea (renders for now as it is under construction)

4th Annual Interfaith Awareness Week

PRESS RELEASE (updated 8/2/21) :: The Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) is once again celebrating the diversity of major world religions as part of its fourth annual “Interfaith Awareness Week” (August 2-8, 2021). In recognition of this week-long event, Proclamations are being presented by town and city councils from Palisade, Grand Junction, and Fruita, as well as Mesa County. The acknowledgements help GVIN raise awareness about the religious diversity in the Grand Valley as well as its local community efforts, such as food drives, blood donations, and a public “ThanksGVIN” service each November. GVIN’s members and friends share these and other opportunities to learn about one another’s religions, spiritual beliefs, or specific secular practices. The faith leaders also participate in social justice events, and do so with mutual respect and reverence for all groups that help support or unite our community. GVIN encourages individuals to explore the common bonds that religions

New Bahá’í Temple in Kenya

May 24, 2021:::: The Bahá’í Faith First Baha'i Temple in Kenya is dedicated and open... first on the African continent! A place where people of ALL faiths may worship. So beautiful, too.  Watch the video:    Kenya: First Local Bahá’í temple in Africa opens its doors | BWNS

Honoring MLK Day 2021

In our commitment as members of GVIN to fulfill its statements of Purpose… Cooperate in efforts that will serve the community as proponents of human dignity and agents of compassion in seeking to meet essential human needs; Offer opportunities for community worship, spiritual celebrations, shared learning activities, fellowship, and service; Exchange ideas and resources among members; Enrich our common ties around shared principles and hopes; and Demonstrate positive acceptance of religious diversity and share such information in the Grand Valley communities.  … we have provided several short videos about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his sacred work to unite people in the 1960’s. In one interview he talks about needing a “revolution of values” in order for government leaders and the citizens of this country to find common ground. In many ways, what Dr. King describes then applies to today’s political and societal challenges…more than 50 years

ThanksGVIN 2020 Event Results

Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) presented its annual ThanksGVIN Interfaith Celebration of Gratitude November 24 via a “virtual” service recording. It is now available on GVIN’s YouTube channel and their website. The theme was “Gratitude in the Midst of Crisis.” This year’s recipient of all encouraged donations is Grand Valley Peace & Justice. Peace & Justice shared recently that donations received thus far are over $4,000. Additional contributions continue to come in and are welcome. For more information about this organization and to make a donation, visit: and follow the DONATE links. The donations help Peace & Justice to provide food bags to those without a home, living in shelters or elsewhere. The demand is high, especially during a pandemic. Other organizations are also sharing in the distribution of food items: Volunteers of America (for Veterans), Center for Independence (for persons of disability), the Blessing Box at the UU

ThanksGVIN Goes Virtual

Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) usually presents an annual ThanksGVIN Interfaith Celebration of Gratitude event on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. However, due to COVID restrictions this year, GVIN has gone virtual! UPDATE:  Here is the link to the one-hour video service: On Tuesday, 11/24/20, GVIN will launch its first “virtual” service recording, complete with speakers, music, and gratitude. Filming took place last week at First Congregational United Church of Christ ( ), the 2020 church host for the event. After video production is complete, the recorded service will be available on GVIN’s YouTube channel and their website. Video recording and production was organized by Rev. Dr. David Dethmers and completed by their office administrator, Rev. Beth Rakestraw. The virtual event included short presentations on the topic by leaders of GVIN’s member organizations. The theme is “Gratitude in the Midst of Crisis.” This y