Anti-Bias Coalition Forming

Anti-Bias crimes, Hate Crimes, intolerance and bigotry are on the rise in the Grand Valley, the US (and around the world). Given today's "political climate" - we now live an an uncertain world where people feel free to express their hate and bigotry publicly without consequences.

Please join me in my efforts to educate and to make our society an inclusive one - no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, We are ONE people - human beings with hopes and aspirations. As human beings we MUST support, respect, embrace and celebrate our differences and we MUST act against bias and unfairness.

No longer should any of use tolerate or ignore the acts of hate that have reached every area in our community.

Our goal is to create public awareness of this ever-growing climate of intolerance and hatred and ELIMINATE this.

My I am so incredibly touched at the amount of people who have reached out to us. After what happened, we left town for a few days and we just got back to GJ late Sunday night.

If you are interested in joining this cause, please do. We can only effect change thorough action (long overdue) and ACT NOW.

I am arranging for a meeting place and date to hold our first meeting of the Anti-Bias Coalition of The Western Slope. I would honored and grateful if you would join me in this cause. This is a public group so PLEASE SHARE.; (973) 449-0107

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