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GVIN-TAKE organizational meeting notes

Hello! This is aaron - it was so nice to see you yesterday, and i so greatly appreciate all of your help. i am sending this email (and blog) out not only to keep everyone informed who couldn't come what happened, but also to remind you of your "homework" for the next meeting. But first, i should express my personal profound satisfaction: what we accomplished in establishing this group not only satisfied our purpose for yesterday's meeting, but accomplishes the purpose of each of our practices. i have come to believe, upon experience and direct observation, that a single temple can shelter the shrines of many gods, that a single fire can give sufficient light and warmth to all who would gather around it, that a meal (however meager) is more enjoyable and satisfactory when shared. There is reason to trust that the sacrifices we make through discomforts in gathering together are not only necessary but will result in success. Yesterday, i saw no enemies, i saw only m

GVIN-TAKE Pre-Meeting Agenda

If you are interested in joining the GVIN-TAKE, please email aaron at ... First, as a reminder, we'll be having an organizational meeting  on Sunday, Jan 28 at 2:00pm at the American Lutheran Church ( 631 26 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506 ), with our first meeting of GVIN-TAKE being scheduled for the next month. AGENDA: At this meeting we will be  * Planning the next meetings: days, times, locations, and venue (i.e. potluck, tea/coffee, picnicks, outdoors walks, sporting events, places of worship, etc.) * Planning the best way to facilitate conversations with those who cannot attend in person (i.e. facebook, youtube, podcast, group sms text, googlechat, skype, etc.) * Organizing basic objectives for the first meeting: both theological and knowledge exchanges * Organizing basic objectives for co-operation and co-ordination * And, most importantly, engaging in basic socialization as a means to developing new norms and facilitating co-o