GVIN-TAKE Pre-Meeting Agenda

If you are interested in joining the GVIN-TAKE, please email aaron at lokahathayoga@gmail.com ...

First, as a reminder, we'll be having an organizational meeting on Sunday, Jan 28 at 2:00pm at the American Lutheran Church ( 631 26 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506 ), with our first meeting of GVIN-TAKE being scheduled for the next month.

At this meeting we will be 

* Planning the next meetings: days, times, locations, and venue (i.e. potluck, tea/coffee, picnicks, outdoors walks, sporting events, places of worship, etc.)
* Planning the best way to facilitate conversations with those who cannot attend in person (i.e. facebook, youtube, podcast, group sms text, googlechat, skype, etc.)
* Organizing basic objectives for the first meeting: both theological and knowledge exchanges
* Organizing basic objectives for co-operation and co-ordination
* And, most importantly, engaging in basic socialization as a means to developing new norms and facilitating co-operations and co-ordination - and planning lightly structured social activities for the next meetings (potluck, tea/coffee, outdoors walking, picnicking, sporting events, etc.)

If you cannot attend, don't worry about it too much - i am attempting to organize this in such a way as to facilitate participation even for those who cannot attend in person.  

Please feel free to call or respond to this email with your contributions...
- What days, times, locations and venue work for you?  Rev. Johnson has already offered her Church for one of the upcoming meetings, for example.
- What do you usually use for communication when you cannot attend personally?  How can we help you participate?
- What are your objectives for the theological and knowledge exchange?
- What are your objectives for co-operation and co-ordination?
- What is your preferred means of socialization?  Where do you feel most comfortable socializing with your friends and family?
- What are your thoughts on the Purpose Statement (if you didn't get it, it is attached below my signature line)?  Hopefully it evolves and changes a little with every meeting.

Please, too, invite others within your community and any others you know who might be interested to join the GVIN-TAKE!

And, also, if you like, i invite any and all of you individually to meet and talk and share together apart from the larger group.   And personally extend my invitation to meet with me for some friendly get-together at a place you feel most comfortable ... or even to join me at some of my favorite places around town.


Grand Valley Interfaith Network Theological And Knowledge Exchange

The Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) has formed a Theological and Knowledge Exchange (TAKE) to convene monthly in conversation (at a GVIN-TAKE meeting).  The purpose of this congregation is to foster friendship, that each participant might better TAKE action toward the community's benefit in cooperation, collaboration and coexistence with different members.  
Friendship is not only the means to our purpose, but the accomplishment of it.  We believe that with so many mutually shared beliefs and goals, it is unnecessary for any individual member to give up their own practices to take part.  Cultivating the requisite friendship, respect and trust to our goal is best accomplished by celebrating our differences and both encouraging each other to perfect our distinct practices, and defending the shared freedom of conscience upon which all our practices depend.
We believe that the diversity of distinct and different traditions within our community presents a greater advantage of combined technical and strategic skill and experience in encountering the complex problems facing our community.  By accepting that we have much to learn from each other, we found a practice of exchanging that knowledge as a means toward our goal of friendship.
Finally, despite differences in practice and belief, we share one common interest in theology, and by understanding the shared importance of this toward the perfection of all our practices, whether theistic, atheistic or non-theistic, we found a practice of exchanging that theology as a means toward our goal of friendship.
We invite every member of our community to join us for a friendly GVIN-TAKE.

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