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Questions for discussions

Here are some great questions Carlene came up with that we could use for email discussion, or discussion in person (whether at a meeting as a group, or meeting individually too).  Thanks, Carlene! Carlene's questions - - - If you could teach everyone 3 things about your faith and practices, what would you want those to be?  Can people be kicked out/excommunicated from your faith community or have limited access (like being refused Communion, in a Christan church)? What circumstances would lead to that? Once excommunicated, is there a mechanism for people to get back in? What rituals or practices, if any, does your faith community use to welcome new members? What are some of the most important observances/celebrations in your faith tradition throughout the year? How are those observed as a faith community, families, individuals? What do you perceive as the most misunderstood elements of your faith/practice by outsiders?

Invitation to the FINAL meeting of the GVIN-TAKE

If i may, to start, i would only remark upon the honor with which i regard you all.  And to have gained your friendship, and successfully served with you in the accomplishment of a singular purpose is remarkable.  Yet it has founded the vocabulary required to express my hope for all that we may yet do now, both singly and together.    At this ending, let us reflect on what has been done, and the ease of our success - and be inspired to flex only a little further, that we might feel our full strength.  There is more that can be done. This said, i would extend to you an invitation to join in a committee planning for a "Love Fest" which  will share the benefits of our hard work at the GVIN-TAKE, and accomplish our purpose.  Consequently, it must be the last meeting of GVIN-TAKE.  Though, if we choose, we will then continue GVIN-TAKE beyond this Love Fest - and i, for one, do hope we choose to.  There is so much more we can do. It is my hope that the committee will design a

Bahá'í Holy Days and Holidays

This information is being shared to provide insights in the special days that are associated with significant events in the lives of Bahá'u'lláh, the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá'í Faith, and the Bab, its Herald. March 21,2018 Naw-Ruz (Bahá'í New Year) Baha'is celebrate Naw - Ruz , New Year's Day, on this equinox every year. Like most happy holy days, the Baha'i New Year usually includes singing, eating, dancing and socializing. Because Naw - Ruz also marks the end of the 19-day Baha'i Fast, it brings a warm, diverse and fascinating group of people together. April 21st; April 29th; and May 2nd First Day of the Ridvan Festival; Ninth Day and the Twelfth Day The Festival of Ridvan – those festive, joyous holidays the worldwide Baha'i community celebrates between April 21st and May 2nd every year.  It is a twelve-day festival in the Bahá'í Faith, commemorating Bahá'u'lláh's declaration that he was a Manifestati

Spring cleaning done better

From the Ashram of Loka Hatha Yoga It’s time for spring cleaning, and many are taking advantage Grand Junction’s generous trash service to throw out items they have been holding onto too long. However, it is easy to notice that many of these items are still usable, and could be donated to local non-profits - or gifted to even better benefit. And, much of the trash that remains is recyclable. Spring cleaning is an excellent practice: it is not good to acquire and hold onto things unnecessarily, and each of us gains great personal benefit from letting go of those things we no longer need. However, there are better ways to discard our over-numerous possessions: it is possible to not only personally gain from the spring cleaning, but to permit others to advantage from our practice. Selfishly depriving others of the use of our former possessions is easy, and sometimes comforting. Saying that what we give up “is useless, to me or anyone else. It is trash,” makes the letting

And... coverage from KREX (april foods day)

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