Invitation to the FINAL meeting of the GVIN-TAKE

If i may, to start, i would only remark upon the honor with which i regard you all.  And to have gained your friendship, and successfully served with you in the accomplishment of a singular purpose is remarkable.  Yet it has founded the vocabulary required to express my hope for all that we may yet do now, both singly and together.   At this ending, let us reflect on what has been done, and the ease of our success - and be inspired to flex only a little further, that we might feel our full strength.  There is more that can be done.

This said, i would extend to you an invitation to join in a committee planning for a "Love Fest" which will share the benefits of our hard work at the GVIN-TAKE, and accomplish our purpose.  Consequently, it must be the last meeting of GVIN-TAKE.  Though, if we choose, we will then continue GVIN-TAKE beyond this Love Fest - and i, for one, do hope we choose to.  There is so much more we can do.
It is my hope that the committee will design a public event that will include a form of community service (perhaps a blood drive, or something else free of cost and significant), light refreshments (of various kinds suitable to all dietary practices), and public discussion on interfaith subjects designed to extend our friendship into the community, together with light entertainment/hospitality.

Please extend this open invitation to anyone in your communities, to everyone in the Grand Valley Interfaith Network, the Ministerial Alliance and the other organizations you may belong to.  There is no time like the ending to join something for the first time. :)

The day and time of the committee meetings will be TBD based on who is interested - there will be a large component of pre-planning through email, and text, and then one or maybe two final meetings in person.  Attendance will not be required, but these in-person meetings are designed to help form another avenue of communication - for those who are less comfortable at email and text.  Of course, everyone will be invited, once the planning is completed.

The event being simple and straightforward, i would nevertheless encourage you to participate: the benefit of joining in the committee will lie in practicing to work with one another, and accommodate each others' needs, practicing everything we have learned.  Besides, there are actually very important spiritual considerations which require your unique expertise:

* What entertainment and hospitality is suitable?
* What light refreshments are suitable?
* What free-of-cost community service is suitable and significant?
* How do we extend our friendship into the community?
* How do we accomplish the purpose of our GVIN-TAKE?
* Do we continue meeting beyond the Love Fest?  

Please respond to if you are interested, text, or call.  Thank you.  

970 778 2835

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