Questions for discussions

Here are some great questions Carlene came up with that we could use for email discussion, or discussion in person (whether at a meeting as a group, or meeting individually too).  Thanks, Carlene!

Carlene's questions - - -

If you could teach everyone 3 things about your faith and practices, what would you want those to be? 

Can people be kicked out/excommunicated from your faith community or have limited access (like being refused Communion, in a Christan church)? What circumstances would lead to that? Once excommunicated, is there a mechanism for people to get back in?
What rituals or practices, if any, does your faith community use to welcome new members?
What are some of the most important observances/celebrations in your faith tradition throughout the year? How are those observed as a faith community, families, individuals?
What do you perceive as the most misunderstood elements of your faith/practice by outsiders?

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