Inter-religious sharing group lunch

Siblings of Faith,

An Inter-religious Sharing Group is forming and we'd love for you to be a part of it! Our first gathering was last month hosted by Pastor Pat Lewis at Fruita United Methodist and we had 12 of us attend! It was beautiful!

The next gathering will be Thursday, July 11th, from 11:30am - 1:30 pm. It will be hosted by (me) Pastor Kaila Armbruster of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church at 3133 F (Patterson) Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81504.   Tel. 970-434-3119 or my cell 480-760-5614.

We will begin to get to know one another over good food provided by all of us via a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share that can feed 5 people. For the non-cooks or busy people, the food does not need to come out of your home kitchen. Just bring something yummy!  A main dish, side dish or dessert. Bring whatever your faith, cultural or health tradition allows.

Each of us will have a chance to share who we are, what faith we belong to, and a little bit about our personal spiritual journey. Here are 3 questions for us to discuss: Come prepared to answer one or all three:

Have you ever felt stereotyped because of your religious belief or lack of belief? Describe your experiences or the experience of someone you know.

Have you ever felt that the media portrays your religious tradition or other traditions inaccurately? Give examples.

I have heard religious diversity described as a “beautiful mosaic.” What would a society look like that values religious pluralism? Give an example of a rich religiously diverse and pluralistic environment you have read about, have observed, or been a part of. 

We will also be given a tour of the Shepherd of the Valley and will learn briefly of its history.

The hope is that we can meet monthly, each place of worship takes a turn to host, each host chooses the topic and mode of sharing. We believe that true world peace cannot come about without respect and understanding among the world's religions. Obviously, we will not agree on everything, but we can listen and learn how God has been working through each community of faith.

Kindly RSVP to me or to Antonio and Gale Alves, Lay Ministers of the Family Federation for World Peace and representatives of Women's Federation for World Peace: or 303-999-9268. Call or text. 

God's Peace & Love,

Pastor Kaila Armbruster
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
3133 F Road Grand Junction, CO 81504
Office: 970-434-3119
Cell: 480-760-5614

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