Clearing the Fog for the Journey

by Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan, Chair/President of GVIN

GVIN is currently doing an extensive re-examination of itself as an organization:
  • What is its purpose?
  • Who are its active Members? 
  • Do we include "Friends" who wish to affiliate from the sidelines?
  • In what projects do we get involved?
  • Do we have political interests? Social Justice? Educational? Human benevolence?
  • Do our organizational documents support our evolving focus and membership?
To see through the fog of this confusion, GVIN formed a Task Force to address these issues and to draft or update documents that reflect the current attitudes and focus of its members, and how the organization can support those intentions. (See "Covenant of Cooperation" on ABOUT page.) It is not the first time this self-examination has occurred. 

Over the past 43 years, GVIN members have asked these questions, made adjustments, and kept moving forward in projects that supported each other and specific aspects of the community. Leadership has come from within and may change annually as spiritual representatives or church leaders step forward and back, according to their interest and/or time commitments. However, the questions remain. The desires to grow, to serve, and to understand continue.

It is the intention of the current leadership, through the Task Force team and its active Members, to more clearly define the organization as a whole, so we can make better decisions today about where we choose to direct our energies in the future. The next generation of leadership will likely do the same.

Clearly, GVIN cannot be everything to everyone, nor should it be. And the current consensus has been that there are enough other organizations out there (even religious ones) getting involved in political measures that GVIN needs not do so.

In the past couple of years, GVIN has grown in its activities and meeting attendance. There's a renewed and vibrant interest to reach out into the community, especially in the area of education - to share with those in our Grand Junction area (churches, spiritual centers, and the population at-large) the benefits of greater understanding of religious diversity, but also to recognize the beauty of the similarities shared in our many faiths and beliefs. 

Truly, many of us want the same things in life. Love. Peace. Harmony. Joy. Abundance. Connection. There are as many ways of achieving those qualities as there are people. And it's not always a straight road toward our destinations. But rather than remain stuck in thoughts that no longer work nor provide us with a positive life filled with meaning, let's at least be willing to have a dialogue, an understanding, an acceptance, an openness to explore and consider new ideas. Think about it. Let's make the journey and see where it takes us... together.

# # #

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