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June Newsletter & Updates

The June newsletter theme is "Connections." It's a good reminder of what's important during a time of separation from a pandemic virus, racial tensions, political divides, and religious differences. At Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN), our spiritual community leaders courageously and compassionately address these and other issues within our individual congregations and as an organization of various religious beliefs.  GVIN has taken many steps in recent months to redefine what it is as an organization. Step-by-step the leadership board has sought the counsel of its committed members and friends to determine what direction is best for the organization, and then created a Task Force to implement those directives. The Bylaws have been reviewed, revised, and approved. A "Covenant of Cooperation" has been written. The decision to define our membership (Member or Friend) also was recently approved, with the next step being for the existing and supporting org