2020 Proclamation

Grand Valley Interfaith Network accepted the 2020 Proclamation for "Interfaith
Awareness Week" (August 3-9, 2020) at the Grand Junction City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 15th. Chair Carla Ryan accepted the document after Councilman Chuck McDaniel read the Proclamation to those in attendance.

Here are the words GVIN's chair then shared with the audience:

"Thank you, members of the Grand Junction City Council, for inviting me here today to accept this Proclamation on behalf of Grand Valley Interfaith Network.

In these times of economic hardship, social injustices, and disappointments in political leadership – it’s easy to blame others for our difficulties. However, it’s important for us to remember that we ALL have a responsibility about how and what we create as our future… as a community AND as individuals.

We have a choice about how we think and respond.

We have a choice about how we live or what job we take or skills we develop.

We have a choice about what God we pray to – or none at all.

This Proclamation of Interfaith Awareness Week is important in that it reminds us of the many religions available to us. It publicly recognizes the diversity of our community… and the choices available in Grand Junction to pursue religious freedom.

ALL religions teach Love.

ALL offer a path to spiritual enlightenment and growth.

ALL provide hope for the soul’s journey to a greater expression of Life.

In these times of confusion and fear, having FAITH, a religion, can be the guiding light out of darkness. Pick one. Explore others. And you’ll discover that we have more in common than you might realize. Respect the differences and celebrate the similarities.

Not only are we all in this together… whatever religion you choose to follow … we are ALL children of that Divine Creative Energy called Life… One human family."

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