Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June Newsletter & Updates

The June newsletter theme is "Connections." It's a good reminder of what's important during a time of separation from a pandemic virus, racial tensions, political divides, and religious differences. At Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN), our spiritual community leaders courageously and compassionately address these and other issues within our individual congregations and as an organization of various religious beliefs. 

GVIN has taken many steps in recent months to redefine what it is as an organization. Step-by-step the leadership board has sought the counsel of its committed members and friends to determine what direction is best for the organization, and then created a Task Force to implement those directives. The Bylaws have been reviewed, revised, and approved. A "Covenant of Cooperation" has been written. The decision to define our membership (Member or Friend) also was recently approved, with the next step being for the existing and supporting organizations to "re-apply" and specify how they wish to be involved. 

One thing is now clear, Grand Valley Interfaith Network is an organization of "historical churches and congregations, faith-based agencies, spiritual communities, and other established religious traditions in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado..." Our Vision is "to create a harmonious life for all." 

We have much work to do... one step at a time... in faith... together.

For more information about GVIN, check out our twice-monthly newsletter or send us an email at:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Resources in 4/10/2020 Newsletter

The early April issue of the GVIN-TAKE newsletter has an extensive list of local community resources amid the COVID-19 challenge... provided by one of our GVIN members. If you or someone you know is seeking help for food or housing challenges, check out the websites and what is offered. Some deadlines may apply. Stay healthy. Be well.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Inspiring Our Community

During this time of social distancing or personal retreats in an effort to slow the COVID-19 virus and keep ourselves and others safe from illness, we may seek inspiration to get us through. If that is the case for you, check out the GVIN Facebook page to read selections posted by the GVIN community and its religious/spiritual/faith leaders. (

Be sure to LIKE GVIN's page for future inspirational postings and other information about projects and events once we return from this wellness retreat. Prayers & Blessings to you all.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A video about Inclusivity in Grand Junction

The video (link below - approx. 11 minutes) was shown at a February gathering of religious leaders and congregants in Grand Junction. It was followed by small group discussions related to diversity, racism, inclusion, and similar topics. The event brought many people closer together. It also gave people the opportunity to explore their own biases, beliefs, or welcoming nature.

The video is entitled "GJ Inclusion." It's a thoughtful presentation. Are we as welcoming as we declare to be? Let it begin with me.
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Inter-religious Sharing & Lunch - Members of GVIN ask: Who is God?

The Baha'i Community hosted our 5th Inter-religious Sharing in their lovely home in Grand Junction on Feb. 26th, 2020.

Five religious leaders spoke on the topic "Who is God?"   Two denominations of Christianity represented by The Heart of Grand Junction and The Spirit of Life Church; also present were members of the Baha'i faith and Family Federation for World Peace.


There was a beautiful spirit of sincere listening and freedom to share openly with one another. We all appreciated each faith's understanding of God. We all got to know each other a little better over good food, dessert and coffee.

For Your Entertainment & Consideration

Something fun to explore: an e-newsletter from folks at Spirituality & Practice (FEB 21, 2020). A look at movies, books, DVDs, practices, holidays, etc. from different religions and cultures. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

MLK Day 2020 - GVIN Love

Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) participated in several activities around Grand Junction on Martin Luther King Day on January 20, 2020. In fact, GVIN members were involved in week-long events and activities throughout the community.

From special movies at the Avalon Theater to the Inclusivity Proclamation at the City Council meeting to a special service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregational Church to offering materials and information at the CMU campus to a generous meal at Clifton Christian Church. There was MUCH going on! Here are just a few photos to recognize some of our GVIN members and many of the day's participants. A special thank you to Stan McKeese and his group for all the arrangements and oversight throughout the week.