The Grand Valley Interfaith Network was originally incorporated on November 2, 1977 as "COSMICOS, Inc." for "religious purposes."  The founders were James E King, Conard Pyle, Ronald Harris, Richard Foster, Samuel Day, Joy Eisenhauer and Robert Toll, all of Grand Junction after a historic meeting on October 20th.

A new constitution (and name change) occurred on May 4, 1999, when the Grand Valley Interfaith Network assumed its present name and mission, through the leadership of President Richard Riddoch.  The first boardmembers were: Vernon Black (VP), Joy Eiskhauer (Sec), and Douglas J McKee.

Presently, the Grand Valley Interfaith Network is administered through the deliberations of a collaborative board, representing network members.

The purpose of this organization is to foster cooperation among its members. Grand Valley Interfaith Network seeks to provide a means for coordinated community service and action, to foster opportunities for learning and mutual support, and to serve as a clearing house of information and resources between the community and the members.

Elections are held once per year from among volunteers.

Chair: Carla Ryan, New Thought Colorado
Vice Chair: Dave Edwards, Ohr Shalom
Secretary: Kellene Mortensen, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Treasurer: Joan Brighton, Baha'i's of Grand Junction

Chair Emeritus: Sherry Cole, Global Heart
Chair Emeritus: Sister Karen Bland, Catholic Outreach
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