The following links are provided to various organizations that provide RESOURCES in the Grand Valley communities.  Resources for food, shelter, and other services. The list is updated as new information becomes available (note dates).


(7/20/21) - My name is Karen Verdier, Team Lead for LFS Colorado Spirt Wellness Program (LFS). As the new Team Lead for Mesa County, I am reaching out to introduce our new team members and Danielle Aguilar, Bilingual Community Outreach Counselor and Stacy Grunow, Community Outreach Counselor.




Danielle Aguilar

Stacy Grunow

Karen Verdier, MBA CPH

Bilingual Community

Community Outreach

Western Slope Team Lead

Outreach Counselor


(970) 732-7030

(970) 732-7031

(720) 325-4549

Formerly with another FEMA Funded Crisis Counseling Program, Danielle and Stacy will continue to support communities in Mesa County as well as the six counties of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel which represents the six counties that LFS Colorado Spirt Wellness Program has been serving since September 2020. The geographic expansion of our service area occurred because a partner, who previously covered your communities, decided not to continue in the program. LFS is extremely fortunate to have Danielle and Stacy joining our team since they will provide you with the same excellent service as in the past, plus you will have the entire LFS team to draw upon as a resource. Our program continues until the end of 2021!

Going forward – I am hoping to meet many of you virtually, if not in-person, as we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities provided by the pandemic. We are here to assist you and your organization during these times and welcome your communications. Both Stacy and Danielle will be your first point of contact, and I am available for additional support as their Team Lead. I would like to share with you some of the unique programming that we have already offered to residents in Delta, Gunnison and Hinsdale counties.

Thank you for your time and again if I may be of assistance, please do reach out to me personally, so that we can discuss your individual and/or organizations needs for emotional support as we continue to navigate this changing health landscape. For more information, visit our website at

P.S.  In recognition of time elapsed since the initiation of the Crisis Counseling Program in 2020, we would like to refresh and renew ways we can help. The Colorado Spirit Crisis Counseling and Training Program (CCP) is designed to support individuals and communities impacted by the challenges of COVID-19.

Through this program, we offer:

·      completely anonymous, confidential support at no cost to you

·      help understanding your current situation and reactions

·      techniques to reduce stress and other reactions that are impacting your daily life

·      assistance in reviewing and accessing community resources to help in your recovery

·      guidance to help you develop and utilize healthy coping strategies

·      connecting you with people or other agencies who can help you and your family in your recovery process

We provide these services to individuals and families virtually or by phone.

If you are interested in these services for your group or organization, we can organize team meetings, town hall sessions or other group connections to inform members of these services that are available to them at no cost. We can also tailor more in-depth group sessions to offer skills to help group members cope with their situations and reactions.

Karen Verdier, MBA, CPH

CCP Team Leader | Serving Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray, Mesa, Montrose & San Miguel Counties

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

Direct:  720-325-4549

Program Inquiries: 303-217-5845 (Denver) | 970-232-1147 (Western Slope)  Use Our Free Wellness App Here!

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Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act -  Below is a link for action in support of a bill to put more power into the hands of indigenous peoples to administer their own food justice programs.

Issues of food scarcity and affordability were everyday challenges in Indian Country long before COVID-19. One of the most meaningful ways to support food security and sovereignty in Indian Country is to allow Tribes to administer federal nutrition programs.

Please join us in urging Congress to reintroduce and pass the Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act, which would enable Tribes to administer child nutrition programs in Indian Country fighting food insecurity and allowing for culturally appropriate food to be available.

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Grand Valley Peace & Justice RESOURCE GUIDE (updated May 2021) - a 31-page list of resources (PDF DOWNLOAD HERE) that details what help is available in the Grand Valley community, especially for those without a home. Everyone is welcome.

Housing Reports from City of Grand Junction (May 2021) - Follow these links to two reports released recently describing the efforts being done to expand affordable housing in the Grand Valley region.  CLICK HERE for the "Grand Valley Housing Needs Assessment" executive summary. CLICK HERE for the "Grand Valley Housing Policy and Action Items Framework" document.

State of Colorado / Area Agencies on Aging (C4A) - Senior Initiative Resources information - The website has a wealth of information ... from reports to brochures to surveys and many other resources, too. CLICK HERE to explore the website and learn about what is available to assist you as you age.

Tents to Tiny Homes project - A live presentation by Sherry Cole at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Grand Valley (UUCGV) on April 11, 2021. Sherry talks about a project to help the "houseless" in the Grand Valley area, being spearheaded by the Grand Valley Peace & Justice center. This video [36:53 min] describes the reasons behind this project, steps being taken now, and how it can improve our Grand Junction community. CLICK HERE to watch and learn.

Mutual Aid Partners / GJ Mutual Aid Distribution & Resource Day (updated 11/18/2020) - Food and resources available every Tuesday at 536 Ouray Ave. (Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley church) - throughout the winter. Visit the parking lot or inside church, depending on weather conditions and COVID guidelines. Curbside pick-up also an option. Donations accepted starting at 10:00a - 1:00p. Distribution starts at 11:00a - 1:00p. Visit website for more information and to sign up as a volunteer:

  • Those who were able to obtain COVID-19 Emergency funding have received huge amounts of financial help. (Huge equaling $50,000 alone to Kids Aid, over $80,000 in new funds to Catholic Outreach Emergency Committee, and the Community Food Bank total is astronomical.)  
  • So, there are two organizations that did not receive Special COVID-19 funding for food over $5000. Both of them were denied other funding because they were church-affiliated. They are Grand Valley Peace & Justice (we are affiliated with the Diocese of Pueblo) and Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing Pantry.
Community Resources Spreadsheet to support clients

Mesa County Public Health Department has compiled a COVID-specific list of community resources to help support clients. This is being maintained for people who are giving one-on-one support or referrals to community members in need. As the information about COVID changes rapidly, for any questions on this resource, please contact Sarah Johnson,

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